Our Story

The last few years have taught us the importance of self-care. In the midst of lockdowns, like many others, I took up daily online Yoga classes. There was a need to dilute the “noise” around me, predicting doom and gloom and continual reminders of the many risks in the current environment. 

During one of these video classes, the instructor reminded us to create an ambience by burning a candle or using an Ultrasonic Diffuser with Essential Oil Blends. After one of the classes, she suggested awakening our senses with a sensory spray, either around the room or on yourself.

It got me thinking…

After much research, I found very little in the skincare market related to self-care. Of course, some products promote all things good, but none talk to me about the many benefits of practices like yoga and how products can be related to these benefits.

For example, the Pigeon pose is known to make you feel refreshed, so why not use a product that makes you feel exactly as the Pigeon pose does – refreshed and revitalised and link it to that pose?

My mind was in overdrive and I decided to find an ancient ingredient that has stood the test of time (just like yoga) and develop a range that links to the ancient practice of Yoga.

I found it…

Seabuckthorn Oil!

Hence the birth of Yoga Beauty